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  • Tanisha Herrin

Building Self-Worth: Value Who You Are Regardless of How Much You Earn

When someone asks you what do you do, how do you respond? Many may start off saying something like, “Oh, I’m just a…”

Valuing yourself is a significant part of understanding your worth, but few underestimate themselves and don’t realize how it affects self-worth. Regarding valuing yourself, it is more than just the money you earn. Society has a way of valuing people with prestigious titles or “better status” to a higher regard. Meaning, people are valued for the work they do instead of for who they are. There is nothing wrong with being yourself but be wary of those that think you need to be better to suit their standards. If they can’t see you for the person you are they are at a loss.

What You Earn Doesn’t Determine Self-Worth

A job can have limitations on earnings, but your self-worth does not. Some assume the amount of money they make contributes to their self-worth. The problem here is people quickly underestimate themselves. People may work at a job and make a certain amount of money based on their job duties. Few feel they are stuck in a rut because they aren’t making what they want. There is a risk of undervaluing yourself when compared to a situation that has a limitation. What you are capable of earning depends on the work you are willing to do. How you do the work and what you take from it is where your self-worth benefits.

Being You Is What Matters the Most

You are a unique individual that has a lot to offer. You are valuable not because you are capable of making money, it is because you are more than “just” whatever your job title happens to be. Don’t let yourself suffer a deficit when it comes to your self-worth. You are amazing because there is no one else like you. When something is acknowledged by earnings or social status, don’t allow your worth to decrease in value. So, the next time someone asks what do you do, express it in a way that shows meaning. Even if the work you are doing is temporary because you expect to move on to something better, you want to show your efforts do mean something to you.

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