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  • Tanisha Herrin

Increasing Self-Worth: How These 5 Factors Make a Difference in Your Worth

Building self-worth is analyzing you and taking advantage of what you do well. When you value skills and abilities and put them to use, your life has meaning and purpose. Sometimes self-doubt puts you in a position that depreciates your worth, but there are things you can do when this happens to ensure your self-worth continuously grows in value. Here are five points to help put building your worth into perspective.

1. You’re not the same person you were 5 or 10 years ago, and that is okay.

Don’t get upset or beat yourself up because you’re not the person you once were. It is a good thing because you have acquired more skill and understanding about you. There are parts of your past you are not happy about, but because of them, you are wiser now. Use what you have gained to keep improving yourself.

2. Know what inspires you and use it to help you live.

Affirmations and using words to build you up can be helpful, but don’t waste your time using them if they are not doing anything for you at all. What works for one person may not work for you, and that is okay. Create affirmations or positive sayings about you that are true. Maybe using such words or phrases isn’t your thing but think about other things such as places, people, or actions that do inspire you. Live up to the inspiration and use it to help you focus on goals.

3. See opportunity in interacting with others.

Spend time with people to learn new things and gain new perspectives. Your self-worth grows as you learn about others who are in the same position as you. You can gain insight on how to deal with problems and how to look at things differently. You never know what you will discover when in the company of others.

4. Share with others what you have learned.

Improving yourself is something to value, and there is nothing wrong with reinventing yourself or learning ways to pull out of a hole. Parents can set an example for their kids by showing them the significance of self-improvement and why it is important always to take an interest in your self-worth. Life is a journey based on how you take care of yourself and how you strive to make a difference. It is more than just moving up in the world and being able to buy things or get a job promotion.

5. Take time to assess yourself and your life.

People may have a to-do list of things they want to accomplish, and that is okay. Just don’t overdo it or push yourself too hard to where things become unrealistic. In some cases, it can get to a point where you don’t believe in yourself, and this aspect can hurt your worth. Every so often, step back and look at where you are to get a sense of direction.

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