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Books by Tanisha Herrin

Self-published books written by Tanisha Herrin



Enjoy easy-to-read enlightening content by Tanisha Herrin featuring creative writing, poetry and self-help.  All books can be purchased on and To read poetry excerpts featured in Tanisha's publications visit this page.

Fighting the Blues as a Black Woman: How I Survived Suicidal Depression (2010)  


Learning to cope with depression can be a hell of a challenge!  For more than 10 years the author lived in a black hole of sadness and misery. Where did her depression come from?  What made her want to commit suicide?  What stopped her? Three suicide attempts later some way somehow she managed to find the courage and hope needed to break bad habits, negative thinking, and improve her lifestyle.


The author share's her personal journey with depression and talks about steps taken to improve her well-being not just for herself but also for her family. The author also share's easy and helpful tips that can make a positive impact for those living with depression. Through tragedy and struggles the author learns to understand her life purpose and wants others to know they are not alone in their depression battles.

**Featured title on Amazon's Top 100 Paid Titles List at release. Its highest ranking was #45 under depression, mental health, and health, mind & body genres.

Trials and Tribulations of Depression: Haiku, Quotes, and Thoughts of the Soul (2006) 

 ISBN-10: 1847283578    ISBN-13: 978-1847283573

Trials and Tribulations of Depression: Haiku, Quotes, and Thoughts of the Soul describe personal thoughts and feelings of living with depression.  The book displays haiku, prose and deep thoughts. It's one thing to be "blue" when having a bad day or sadness when someone passes away.


Trials and Tribulations is an interesting twist to getting inside the depressed mind. The book goes into deeper details on when depression doesn't go away on its own.  When an individual's daily living routines have change, they may not be taking care of themselves, as they should. 


Trials and Tribulations of Depression details sadness, worthlessness, hopelessness, and helplessness, feeling "down" the majority of the time and lacking interest in life.  The symptoms just mentioned are a few details of what this book covers.  The end of the book sheds light by way of recovery.

**Featured title on Amazon's Top 100 Paid Titles List. Its highest ranking was #30 for 3 separate genre categories. 

Simplicity (2010) 

Simplicity features prose, haiku and rhyme easy to read and enjoy for any poetry lover.  Love, hope, and nature collide with creative writing to form simple poetry inspired by daily living.  A few pieces seem out of the ordinary which became an interesting challenge for the writer. Along with a touch of humor to make you smile this different yet fun collection includes past, present, and future ideas, concepts, and thoughts readers can relate.

Inspire the Heart, Inspire the Mind, Inspire the Spirt (2006)

ISBN-10: 142414938X

ISBN-13: 978-1424149384

Inspire the Heart, Inspire the Mind, Inspire the Spirit is a poetry collection featuring words of inspiration from personal tragic experiences and events of the past and present. No matter how difficult things get…life has to go on.  There are times it is difficult to move forward, but you have to look at the positives in the situation and learn from it.


Ambition, Confidence, Fearless, Determination, and Stamina; characteristics that are a necessity in today's society are displayed in a poetic fashion.  Inspirational words of poetry to help get through rough times and be successful in dreams you pursue.

In Memory of Nancy (2009) 


In Memory Of Nancy is a special poetry collection that shares inner feelings and emotions felt by the author on her mother, Nancy who passed away suddenly in fall of 2005.


46 poems complete this collection with each poem marking one year she lived. The book is filled with deep heart felt emotions on how the death of Nancy has had major impact on the author's life. As an only child Tanisha shares her pain and complications on getting through this tough time.


Nature with Human Nature (2009)

ISBN-10: 0578010771

ISBN-13: 978-0578010779


Compelling collections that stimulate the mind, motivate the spirit, and appreciate the quality of life come together with inspiration and beauty through the creative writings and photography of author Tanisha L. Herrin. She shares her struggles and lessons learned with creative writing through poetry including haiku, prose, and rhymes. 


Nature with Human Nature is a two-fold collection featuring the beauty of outdoor nature showcased along with inspirational poetry that features thoughts, feelings and emotions shared to the readers they can easily relate to.  Nature with Human Nature features previous written works, newly written poetry, and bold color nature photography.

Bookmark Catalog Sampler (2010)


Bookmarks are great accessories especially if you love reading. Creative Writing Inspirations by Tanisha Herrin has a wide range of custom inspirational bookmarks and if you don't see something in particular you can have them made any way you like!


Inspire Creations Custom Bookmarks are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. The Sampler shows ideas for inspirational words, poetry, religious themes, astrology themes, embellishments and even the option to personalize with your name, business name/logo, and more which is the most popular feature.  The Sampler provides basic insight for those interested in purchasing personalized bookmarks for promotional needs or when you want to give someone a personalize gift.

The Inspirational Keepsake Journal: Uplifting Memories (2009)


Did a family member or friend do something that inspired you? Are there people, places, or things that have a positive influence on you? To keep thoughts close to the heart and soul is to make a memoir that will reflect who, what, where, and how actions from others moved you, enlightened you, or even made things appear in a better light. The Inspirational Keepsake Journal compiles your thoughts and feelings of inspiration into your own keepsake collection.


When you feel like you need cheering up or strength to keep moving forward when faced with difficulty, your inspirational keepsake journal can help you get through. You’re able to record moments and memories from the past and present to enjoy in the future, along with the option to add photos. Categories include family, friends, quotes, and even write about favorite celebrities that inspire you. The journal is accompanied by inspirational haiku poetry for each category featured. Everyone can always use inspiration!

Poetry with a Special Touch: Author Edition (2010)


Poetry with a Special Touch is a collection of short poems that’s fun and easy to read with illustrations by the author. This is a follow-up edition to “Poetry with a Special Touch,” a unique short collection of poetry for kids who are learning to read on their own and for those who enjoy being read to. This book features full color illustrations drawn and colored by author Tanisha Herrin. 

Poetry with a Special Touch (2007)


Poetry with a Special Touch is a collection of short poems that’s fun and easy to read for children. Great for kids who are learning to read on their own and for those who enjoy being read to. “Poetry with a Special Touch” is filled with a variety of poetry such as haiku and rhymes. The special touch to the book invites children to draw their own illustrations to go along with each poem. A unique way for your child to explore the world of poetry while using their imagination while adding their special touch to the poetry displayed. This book makes a great keepsake gift for family and friends!



Fighting the Blues...

This amazing book that reflects the most sensitive part in Tanisha Herrin’s life is no less than a breakthrough in this kind of genre. While most life-touching stories are also told with the same intensity as this one, it is rare to come across a prose that is written with so much detail yet it still is not heavy to read. The parts dedicated to identify, define and describe depression with notes on how to overcome that is also a refreshing take compared to other related write-ups that do not offer solutions to the problem presented. “It's not about material things, money, or fancy things people want. It's about living your life day to day being thankful for the people who are around you.” This is a very personal, yet powerful quote from a woman who knew and battled depression but came out triumphant. Fighting the Blues as a Black Woman: How I Survived Suicidal Depression is a highly recommended book not only to those who are going through the darkest times of their lives, but also to those who want to help others.  -Book Reviewer


Trials and Tribulations of Depression...

"A Book to Read." Trials and Tribulations of Depression by Tanisha L. Herrin is a book about depression and steps on living through it. The first section has pages of haiku and each one deals with the structure of pain and isolation and wanting to run away! it lets you crawl into the head of a depressed person and it shows the feeling and emotional stage they are in and you want to escape. A lot of the haiku have overwhelming emotion, and it hits the spot very well of wanting to hide, and loneliness is bliss and it packs a heavy weight on your chest. One that really spoke to me which I go through a lot myself, being depressed is this one: ” It’s easy to say the world would be better off not seeing my face, ” and the statement is really tragic. And it stood out really strong and it was emotional because so many people, including myself, have to fight this! And so many of her haiku in this book, really hit the spot over and over – like a hammer pounding a nail into your head. The second and third part has intense quotes on depression. Some shocking words are wrapped up in these sections. … I would place this book in two category’s – depression and recovery – and the last bit of the book, is about the recovery steps of life, and how to overstep depression! The good outcome of life, and the lies your mind tells you!  This book is very emotional and very strong. I would recommend it to anyone! And it’s very easy to read! -Book Reviewer

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