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  • Tanisha Herrin

Building Self-Worth: Be Smart with Your Money

People assume their financial worth and self-worth are connected. It may be true to some extent, but your self-worth is priceless. Opportunities that come your way regarding finances are to be handled with care. It means assess options closely and make informed decisions before making investments. It may seem a little awkward thinking about finances and your self-worth, but when you value what you have to offer it can make living easier and give you more financial freedom without the pressure.

How You Spend Affects Your Worth

Spend your money wisely. It is easier said than done but there are a few points to mention to keep things in perspective. When considering large investments, think about how they will benefit your life. Also, think about consequences of the investment if things go wrong. Sometimes people overlook potential downsides and get wrapped up in something that brings down their self-worth. Avoid spending money you don’t have or trying to live a lifestyle you can’t afford. Why bring on excess stress and pressure to put on a show for others?

If you make smart decisions about how you spend your money, you can avoid trying to live like the Jones’ and live a comfortable lifestyle that suits you just fine. Sometimes your patience is tested when you want something you know you can’t afford. If it is meant for you to have it, you will see it in the future. In the meantime, set realistic financial goals and make sure your needs fulfilled. It is nice to enjoy the fruits of your labor with material things; just don’t let them define who you are or the significance of your worth.

Take Advantage of Investments Encouraging Financial Freedom

Building self-worth includes investing in yourself and your future. Analyzing and acting on such opportunities shows you want better in life while planning ahead. Establishing things such as a savings account, retirement account, and other forms of financial investments are all opportunities that help you gain peace of mind. Such options give self-worth space and time. When you get where you want to be financially, you’ll find it easier to make better choices with money.

A budget keeps you from spending what you don’t have, but it can help you exercise self-control and self-discipline. If you want something you don’t have enough money to pay for, you know you’ll have to work hard for it and save up. If you want to make more money, it may be necessary to invest more time in gaining or improving your skills. Having the financial control you want is an asset to your self-worth. Don’t allow money or the things you buy with it influence your true worth.

Elements of your self-worth help you make a living. You work hard earning money, but it doesn’t mean you should be careless about how it is invested. What you value the most about yourself is more valuable than money, and for many, they don’t realize how much they rely on it to get where they are or where they want to be.

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