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What is I.N.S.P.I.R.E? On this site, the acronym (created by Tanisha Herrin) stands for Influencing New Sight on Purpose through Improvement, Renewal and Empowerment.

When coping with mental health concerns, it is difficult to get motivated to do anything positive.  Depression can be the worst thing to deal with whether it is temporary or long-term. You don’t want to do anything, and it makes life harder to live. It affects relationships, careers, and how you see yourself.

Moving in the right direction takes motivation to work toward self-improvement.  It takes more than just focusing on the bright side of things. Look at the situation from another perspective. As you do this, look for something to motivate you to think, act, and grow forward in the right direction(inspiration). Renew your focus on what is important and attain strength from the impossible.

This website was created based on personal experiences with depression.  After several years of analyzing my experiences, I thought about what things are essential for improving the personal outlook on life. It is an ongoing process that includes many elements outside of dealing with depression. No matter what happens, you have to keep moving forward with an open mind.

In short, over time, this website will work to help others understand how depression affects people differently while encouraging how to deal with it positively through Influencing New Sight on Purpose through Improvement, Renewal, and Empowerment.

Who's Behind the Blog?

Author - Writer - Poetess

Tanisha L. Herrin

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Tanisha Herrin is a writer and author with unique interests in mental health and self-improvement. After publishing her book Fighting the Blues as a Black Woman: How I Survived Suicidal Depression,’ she wanted to help others dealing with depression through her personal experiences with useful knowledge and advice. Tanisha is the creator of Creative Writing Inspirations which features books, web content services, and creative writing projects. She has skill development as a copywriter, ghostwriter, and online content provider. Expert: Visit Tanisha's Dealing with Depression Expert page for additional insight on depression and mental health topics.

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