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The content on this website ( provides information about depression, self-improvement, and personal development.  As such, content provided is for informative and educational purposes only.  The reader (you) is fully responsible for what you choose to do with its material.

Articles created (written) by the author with opinions and personal thoughts shared are those belonging to the author only.  They do not represent any company, group, or organization that may appear within written content on the page or the site. 

The intention of this website is to educate readers on subjects related to mental health such as depression and anxiety, as well as provide informative content on personal development and self-improvement topics. Content may offer advice or opinions, but it is not intended to counsel or be a form of counseling to others.

The creator of this website (publisher) does not provide services considered financial, medical, or legal.  Therefore, if you need assistance in any of these areas, please seek a registered/certified or experienced professional that provides such services.

The publisher of this website (author/writer of published content) works to provide accurate data; the information acts as a general guide and should be treated that way as such. Written material may have content or typo errors (the author is not a perfect human so mistakes may be made that are not intended). The information presented is educational only and reflects data up to the date it was published. 

Poetry featured on the site (written by Tanisha Herrin) is original written works created by the author. The work can be featured on other sites as long as credit is given to the author due to the copyright. The poems and the books they are featured from are registered works via the United States Copyright Office (Library of Congress).

The inspire acronym (I.N.S.P.I.R.E) was created by Tanisha Herrin. It stands for Influencing New Sight on Purpose through Improvement, Renewal, and Empowerment.  It is used by the creator to help promote the purpose of this website and its contents.  If the acronym and its associated wording as it relates to this site and its content are used on another site, please give proper credit to the author/creator when mentioned.

The blog contents are the sole property of the author and Creative Writing Inspirations. The website has content meant to generate income that will go toward continuance of creating quality educational content on said subjects and topics.  Furthermore, content provided on the website is “AS-IS.”

The author is not responsible for any injuries or liabilities (to any person or entity) should you act on any techniques, tips, or advice recommended. It includes damages (punitive, consequential, indirect, or incidental) or any form of loss. Even upon notice of any possible damages as such, no remedy will be provided.

If you do not agree with the above or wish to abide by it, then leave the site.

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