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  • Tanisha Herrin

Building Self-Worth: Stop Pleasing Others before Pleasing Yourself

Some need to break the habit of pleasing others to understand their self-worth truly. It is impossible to please everyone all the time, and some get turned off by the concept in general. It is one thing to help others when it is necessary, but it is important to know how to please yourself when considering what you have to offer and using it to achieve happiness.

What you desire for your life becomes apparent when you stop trying to please others. Pleasing others is like being blind to your needs and goals. Few realize they are putting time and energy toward something the other party can be doing on their own. Don’t allow your expectations to be derailed when focusing on the needs of others. You will become miserable and feel as if you haven’t achieved much centering your time and energy making someone else happy.

Your self-worth depends on opportunities you take advantage of; not when others take advantage of you. Know when to put your foot down and say ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do. Don’t apologize for something that isn’t your fault. Let go of mistakes made and don’t let them haunt you. Make time for yourself or ‘me’ time when you want to do something; don’t let the wants of others consume so much of your time.

There will likely be people not happy with the decision you make. It is okay. People are entitled to express their feelings, but it is your life. Your self-worth depends on what you do for yourself. It means you have to do your own thing instead of someone else’s. People forget that if everyone did the same thing the world would be a boring place to live with no progress.

It is okay to help others but remember you come first. Do you and then help others. Sometimes you have to do you first to understand how to help others better. Be wary of those who expect you to do their work, especially if they have no intentions of helping themselves.

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