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  • Tanisha Herrin

Building Self-Worth: Improving Your Attitude about Yourself

Your reality is how you come across to others. Many fail to realize the significance of having the right attitude about themselves and how powerful it can be when others use it to define them. One that values a positive attitude about themselves displays humility. The way you view and think about yourself is what people will notice in your presence. If you put yourself down or think negatively about your character, it comes across as having low self-esteem. Here are things to think about when working to improve how you look at yourself and personal attitude.

Recognize Elements of a Negative Attitude

How do you want to represent yourself when you think about self-worth? It can be in the form of recognizing what you do well. A negative attitude may include down-talking yourself when around others. You may make little of what you have to offer skill and talent wise. In the end, you display being self-effacing while making your presence less noticeable. Negative thoughts lead to a negative attitude, and if you talk down yourself, you depreciate your worth. Practice having a healthier attitude and work toward holding yourself to a higher standard.

Avoid Over Exaggerating

It is important to take pride in what you can do. What you have to offer by way of skills and talent is what makes you unique and your qualities worthy of recognition. On the other hand, you can come across as being arrogant or with a big ego, as if others can’t compare to you if you talk too much about yourself. Others may find it annoying, and you may end up driving people away from you. There is a difference between being confident and cocky. People that display confidence draw more people near them.

Find a Balance to Achieve the Right Attitude

Being happy about your abilities is a good place to be, but there is a middle path between being negative and full of yourself. A way to keep yourself balanced is to remember you are equal. People may have talents they can do better than another, but it doesn’t mean a person, in general, is better than anyone else. You have thoughts and capabilities worth being respected by others; we all do. Remember you are valuable. Learn to accept yourself by incorporating new beliefs. It will help you to stop underestimating yourself while learning to appreciate abilities with value.

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