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  • Tanisha Herrin

Building Self-Worth: Don’t Be Afraid to Love Yourself

A part of your self-worth deals with loving yourself. You are comfortable in your skin, and even though you may have made mistakes along the way, you found lessons were significant to helping understand who you are and your purpose. Unfortunately, many that underestimate their worth are fearful of loving themselves for different reasons. It can be perceived as narcissism or being selfish. The key is to know how to balance loving yourself while showing the kind of compassion you possess for yourself and others.

You are Your Best Friend

Let’s get this straight. You love yourself enough to know what is best for you, but you’re not parading around town saying how fabulous you are and how you can’t get enough of yourself (unless being insecure is your thing). Self-love is understanding how to be tolerable, generous, and compassionate to you and others. You have friends you treat well with respect, and you may have close friends you love dearly as a brother or sister. The way you treat them is how to treat yourself.

Don’t Let Thoughts of You from Others Faze You

People get a little uneasy at the thought of how another person may perceive them. You can’t stop a person from getting thoughts about you whether they are positive or negative. If you love yourself, the way others perceive you won’t matter. At the end of the day you are responsible for your self-esteem, and if you need a boost, you know the best way to get it. Don’t waste energy or time wondering what others think. If they choose to open their mouth and say it, you have a choice whether to accept it.

Don’t Let Self-Love Fall Victim to Pain or Addiction

Sometimes people can have a love for something without realizing it is a way of hiding personal hurt. It is like seeing someone who has everything anyone could want giving the perception they are happy, but their soul is full of pain. An addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other similar addictions could be used to hide from their problems instead of working out a solution. Sometimes opportunities come along that can help someone in such a situation but don’t want to face reality. Love yourself in ways that encourage positive growth in ways you’ve never imaged.

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