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  • Tanisha Herrin

Building Self-Worth: Believe in Your Feelings

Trusting your feelings before responding to others is an important factor of self-worth. It includes listening to yourself and relying on personal feelings without feeding to others what they want. It is an element that requires learning and practice. People are known for responding to others based on how someone responds to them. They don’t think before responding. It can lead to others and yourself feeling unhappy, hurt, or misunderstood.

Avoid Letting Others Make Your Decisions

Valuing self-worth includes being comfortable to make own decisions. Sometimes people assume they know what is best for you but this is not always the case. Depending on the situation, making a personal decision is taking a stand. There may be other elements to the situation where it is best you make the decision based on what you are feeling.

Few feel they don’t mind others making decisions for them, but it may look as if you are taking the easy way out, especially if the choice is hard to make. Letting others make decisions for you too much may lead to feelings of being boxed in. Your self-worth drops significantly at this point. You could find yourself in a deeper hole if those who made decisions for you are no longer around.

Practice Standing Your Ground and Being Open

Your feelings are significant, and most people don’t want to be taken advantage of or feel their feelings don’t matter. In the previous scenario mentioned, you may end up being left alone and become indecisive in future situations. Be prepared to make decisions based on your feelings. Trust what you feel and your intuitions. Take time to listen and process what you hear before responding.

Rushing to respond without listening may leave the other party to disregard what you said. It is a big deal to listen when trying to achieve the best outcome. Without following your feelings, a decision reached may benefit everyone but you. When you feel you are worthy you will make your feelings known to others without question.

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