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  • Tanisha Herrin

Why Reading the Bible during Depressed Times Can Help You

Meditate on God's word to help boost your mood.

Reading the Bible, while coping with depression, is a great way to uplift your spirit and put your mind at ease. It may not be seen as a conventional option for depression treatment, but it continues to bring comfort to those who have faith in the word. You may not know when or how God with help you but having faith that He will come through for you during your time of need is significant.

Many treatments for depression include medication and some form of therapy, usually with a trained medical professional. However, for many, depression will return several times during a lifetime, and long-term coping strategies become very important. One coping strategy used is for people to look for the positive aspects of life and seek love and support. Many people find this help through reading the Bible.

Depression is associated with feelings of being unloved, hopelessness and despair. The very essence of religion is love, hope, and charity, making the Bible a fantastic source of all three. The process of reading the Bible, praying or even attending a religious service can be soothing and instill a sense of hope.

Few people believe that prayer and using the words of the Bible will lead to solutions to their problems.

However, they feel that God’s unconditional love, spoken through the Bible, will provide the motivation required to beat depression. The thought of a higher power with the ability to love unconditionally, and listen to aspirations and pleas for help is a source of great euphoria for many and can counteract the feelings of worthlessness associated with depression.

The Bible alone offers much hope. However, religion in its wider forms also offers comfort and counsel. Church congregations are a fantastic support system providing compassion and a shoulder to cry on for many. Priests, Clerics, and ministers also offer private meetings with followers and parishioners to provide spiritual guidance and counseling. The Bible, a local church, a church leader and congregation can be your spiritual support network offering another support source for depression sufferers and their recovery.

The Bible tells Christians to be filled with joy and praise, and this positive message is one that anyone with depression should remember when feeling particularly low. The Bible also teaches Christians not to be absorbed by themselves, but turn their efforts outwards. Given the nature of depression, this is an excellent message. A great coping strategy is to stop thinking about the inadequacies of the self and look to the wider community for support.

Many feel that offering help and love to others can be therapeutic and enhance self-esteem. While severe depression can be treated with a combination of medication and professional help, the Bible and faith can play a huge role in developing coping strategies and living long-term.

In past years, many devout Christians have held the belief that depression is a sin. However, the majority believe it to be a physical illness that needs curing. The Bible teaches that God has a way to help His children during their time of need. One way of doing this is by using people to help each other; an example includes utilizing skills from trained physicians and mental health professionals. The overwhelming message of the Bible is one of love and inspiration – what better message can a person with depression receive?

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