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  • Tanisha Herrin

Feeling Depressed? Here are 10 tips to Encourage Positive Thinking

Managing your feelings while depressed can be challenging and for many of us, it will take time and practice. When depressed it’s easier to get discouraged and feel everything around you is pointless. The key to getting out of this mental slump is to change how you think to alter your mood. The more you get into the habit of changing your thinking the sooner you’ll feel better. You need a ‘pick me up’ or something to encourage you to get going mentally.

The following ten tips can help you get into the habit of thinking positive while exercising ways to improve your mood.

1. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself time to adjust. Learn ways to practice patience and when you accomplish a task or exercise that requires it reward yourself.

2. Look at the bright side of things and why you are thankful for what you have. Focus on the positive instead of the negative side.

3. Get adequate rest. It helps your body function efficiently. Go to bed early when you can. Ditch late night television for a while or sleep in on weekends.

4. Get more natural light into your day. Sunlight is a great source while providing needed vitamin D. You can also seek light bulbs that give a natural light effect.

5. Play with your pet or a furry friend. If you don’t have a pet, you can volunteer at a local animal shelter taking care of dogs or cats. There are zoos also seeking volunteer assistance.

6. Put a smile on your face or find something to make you laugh.

7. Did someone say chocolate? Yum! Chocolate may help boost serotonin levels, especially dark chocolate.

8. Get creative! Play with paints, write poetry, and get crafty to get your mind occupied. Try an adult coloring book or coloring page with an intricate design or grab a camera and take pictures of nature.

9. Exercise can help wonders! Good blood circulation throughout the body can help boost your mood! Studies have shown various types of exercise can ease depression symptoms.

10. Give a hug or a high five! A human touch, especially in an uplifting way, can help you feel better, and for some, it may even help to relax them.

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