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  • Tanisha Herrin

Dealing with Depression: Why Some Have a Harder Struggle Than Others

Dealing with depression is different for everyone even though many experience the same emotions.

Depression can be a temporary episode of sadness. It may stick around for a short time as a few days. But for others, it grows into weeks and months. We know hormones could be an issue, but aside from the medical and scientific aspect of why the length of depression varies, what are reasons why some struggle with it longer than others?

Lack of Support

When depression sticks around for a while, it is hard to do daily activities. When you don’t have someone to motivate you it’s like being stuck in a hole. Having a depression support system helps because you have someone you can talk to, someone that will check-in with you to see how you are doing, and someone that can encourage you to do something productive. Being around people who are positive, humorous, witty, and uplifting can do the trick. At the least, having someone, you can turn to can help you get a smile or much-needed laugh.

You may need a break for a moment and step away from the situation. When someone that cares about you says, it will be okay believe them. Talk things out. Get your feelings out, so they don’t dwell within you. What if you don’t have a friend or someone you can talk to? Consider a local support group or counselor. You may find an online support group option worth trying.

Lack of Motivation

Sometimes a person simply lacks the push necessary to get things done. It is hard to engage in daily activities when you don’t feel like doing anything. It’s even more difficult with a habit of thinking negatively. Nothing will get done if you keep thinking things are pointless or that it’s not worth the time or effort. Learn ways to get motivated when you don’t feel like doing something. Try focusing on the positives of getting it done. Consider taking small actions first to get started. Before you know it, the task is finished. Getting something done when you thought it wasn’t possible is another form of motivation you created for yourself (Think: I got it done before, and I can do it again).

Don’t Want to Be Bothered

Isolation is a common issue when depressed. You don’t feel like talking to anyone. You don’t want to share anything or have an interest in being with others. At one point, being alone could help you collect your thoughts when engaging in positive thinking habits. On the other hand, it isn’t healthy to be alone and depressed without opening up or engaging in healthy activity. So what can you do? Engage in some form of positive activity. Take a walk. Read encouraging material. Listen to music. Write in a journal. When you want to be alone, do something positive, to stay productive. Then, if needed, talk to someone about your feelings when you’re comfortable.

Always Thinking the Worst

Depression can put your mind in a place you don’t need it to be. Thinking the worse is jumping to conclusions without being optimistic. Whether you are nervous about something, feeling anxiety, or you are unsure the outcome of a situation, try to keep an open mind. People think about what could happen, but in many cases, it’s not that bad. Chances are someone else was in your shoes, and things worked out. You may have doubts about what you can do or how things will turn out, but always look for the outcome you want. Your expectations may be better than you thought.

Difficulty with Emotional Hurt or Pain

Some that struggle with depression for a long time experience difficulty dealing with their emotions. They hurt for a long time after suffering a significant loss. Maybe, someone, they trusted hurt them badly. Emotional pain isn’t easy to get over, and some never do, but it is important to try and find ways to help your heart and soul heal.

There could be other aspects of the situation to work on such as acceptance or how to find closure so you can move on. Most people experience some form of hurting or emotional pain and find ways to deal with it in a productive, positive manner. Learn healthy ways to deal with your emotions. It’s okay to cry but learn other ways to release the emotional hold behind your hurting. Then, exhale and breathe.

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