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  • Tanisha Herrin

Aches and Pains: Natural Tips on Treating Them at Home

The internet offers all kinds of ideas on how to treat aches and pains at home. Allopathic medicines can have side effects, so it’s well worth raiding your kitchen for natural or grandma’s remedies for small aches and pains or anytime you are experiencing discomfort. Not only is it gentler on your system, but it’s also inexpensive. Here are some natural remedies to cure your aches and pains.

Headaches: Take ginger root to cure a headache. If you usually take aspirin, take white willow bark. You can also rub lavender or peppermint oil on your temples and the nape of your neck for relief, or rub a piece of lemon or lime on your forehead. A little green tea also helps, as does an ice pack kept on your forehead for 20 minutes.

Sore muscles: If you have sore muscles, rub a little Arnica cream or olive oil on them.

Ear Infections: If you have an earache, you need to see a doctor immediately, but in the case of a mild infection, put a few drops of white vinegar or garlic oil in your ear and lie down on the opposite side so that the drops work immediately. Repeat every few hours until you’re pain-free.

Dandruff: If you have a dry and an itchy scalp, rub Aloe-Vera gel on it for about 20 minutes and rinse it. Alternatively, rinse your scalp with apple cider vinegar.

Sore throat: If you have a sore and scratchy throat, it means you’re going in for a cold or flu. To avert this, gargle with warm salt water on and off during the day and top it up with honey-lemon tea.

Toothache: For a toothache and swollen gums, apply clove oil on the aching tooth and gums and chew on a piece of garlic.

Rash and allergies: For relief from rash and allergies, drink about three cups of green tea per day since it contains compounds rich in antihistamines.

Indigestion and heartburn: To get rid of indigestion and heartburn, take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.

Burns: If you’ve burnt yourself while working in the kitchen, rinse it with cold water and soothe the burn with Aloe-Vera gel or a sliced potato. You can also rub it with honey or mustard.

Nausea: If you suffer from nausea due to carsickness, chew on raw ginger or sniff peppermint or lavender oil.

Constipation: Drink a lot of water and eat salads and fruit. You can also take a mix of olive oil and orange or lemon juice for quick relief. A quarter teaspoon of Epsom salts in half a glass of water also brings some relief.

Twisted ankle: A twisted ankle can be painful, and it can result to a ankle sprain. For relief, get a deep tissue massage the moment the sprain is detected. It will prevent it from growing and release tension from the pain. If you do the massage before you stand, you will feel the pain easing away, your ankle will feel better, and you won’t limp.

What is your favorite home remedy to treat common aches and pains?

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