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  • Tanisha Herrin

Living with Major Depression: Why It’s Difficult to Overcome

Some may not understand major depression and why it is difficult for people that suffer. Many have experienced the blues or felt depressed for different reasons. A traumatic experience or unexpected loss can cause a period of depression. But there is more to the situation than just feeling sad or emotional that only people with this kind of depression only understand.

A short-term episode of depression and medical diagnosis of major depression are two different things. Short-term episode of depression is characterized by a relatively short period of time when one feels depressed. It may be due to certain situations such as a relationship break up, the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, or simply frustration with life. These periods of depression are difficult for an individual but they normally do not interfere significantly with everyday living and they usually are short-term, such as a week or several weeks.

Major depression (some also refer to it as clinical) is depression that is long-term. One who is clinically depressed suffers from more than the normal “blues” and oftentimes feels hopeless and very lonely. Clinically depressed people tend to lose interest in activities once enjoyed and isolate themselves from the world. They may put on their happy faces while out in the community, but at home they hide away in their pain and suffer.

Living with this form of depression is difficult because it takes a toll on the individual and those around them (family, friends, etc.). Why is living with it so difficult? The person suffering may not feel like getting the help they need.

There is a social stigma attached to depression and people may feel weak and that they’ll be ridiculed for not being strong. It is also hard because it is not always easy to manage or overcome symptoms of depression. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or years of therapy and/or medication to get a handle on the symptoms and progress toward wellness. Some develop a resistance to their medication and need to find something else that will produce results.

People may not be aware they have the condition. They are under the impression their sadness is just part of everyday living and they have to live with it. Few are used to the pain and loneliness it creates but don’t realize their lives are trapped in. Therefore, they may not realize they can get help and that they don’t have to live this way. It is not that one is content with their life in this situation, but the fact they have gotten comfortable living this way and some feel it is their daily norm.

If you or a loved one is wrestling with depression, take some time to learn about your options for treatment. There are qualified professionals available to help you choose the best treatment options for you. Learn options that will reduce or eliminate symptoms of depression so that you can live out your life happy, joyous, and free. Don’t be afraid to take the necessary steps for help. You can be free!

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