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Therrinpoetry Excerpts

Therrinpoetry (T Herrin Poetry) excerpts are sample poems that are featured in publications by Tanisha Herrin now available. The following 5 samples are just a preview of dozens of poems the author has written. Enjoy!

Cutting Confessions


I thought it was okay

to cut myself one day;

for no one would care

since no one was there.

I couldn’t stand all the mental commotion-

the sadness, frustration, and aggressive emotion.

Have I really gone insane

wanting to cut my vain?

A dull ache has consumed my soul

and turned it into a blue hell hole.

I need to do this fast and quick

or is my mind playing a nasty trick?

Do I really want to leave a baby behind

alone with a gruesome body to find?

A part of me wants to work this out

while the other part of me is in doubt,

something in my mind clicked

as the outer layer of my skin was pricked.

I wanted to do a foolish act

and didn’t know how to react.

I wanted to do this so bad

but didn’t have the guts I thought I had

all because I thought it was okay

to cut myself one day.


Poetry excerpt from Fighting the Blues as a Black Woman: How I Survived Suicidal Depression

© 2010 Tanisha L. Herrin

To Escape Evil


Storm of witches

brewing overhead; an

eerie sight of magical powers

intertwine as they conspire

within their wickedness. A

sheet shields my body from

the dust of evil spirits as I set to

run through winds of their wrath;

seeking a way out from their trickery.


(Poetry prompt: artwork titled “Flight of the Witches” by Francisco de Goya)


Poetry excerpt from Simplicity

© 2010 Tanisha L. Herrin




I am a person of wisdom

I am a person of faith

I am a person of strength

I am a person of confidence


I am a mother

I am a daughter

I am a granddaughter

I am a niece


I am intelligent

I am ambitious

I am sophisticated

I am humble


I am thoughtful

I am caring

I am humorous

I am grateful


I am quiet

I am warmhearted

I am hopeful

I am blessed


Poetry excerpt from Inspire the Heart, Inspire the Mind, Inspire the Spirit

© 2006 Tanisha L. Herrin


What does black history mean to me?


I couldn’t imagine living during a time when rules were so strict and the color of your skin created such controversy and conflict.


If you were dark you were treated differently and unfair by those who had no heart simply because they didn’t care.


We may have been called stupid or ignorant if we had no education;

times we tried to do something positive with ourselves we faced complication.


Our ancestors have been through pain and suffering for so long, it amazes me what they’ve gone through- to me they were strong!


Then came along the black brothers and sisters who paved the way;

the inventors-creators-those who made their mark for us to stay.


They didn’t care what anybody said about the color of their skin; moving forward they had hope, strength, motivation, and self-discipline.


There are people who ask is it really necessary to have a month to celebrate?


Why not acknowledge African Americans whose contributions were more than great?


In the present and even the future, what they did for society in the past will leave a mark for generations to come that will forever last.


So if you have to ask what does black historymean to me?


Well I can say that I have a better idea of what it means to be free!


© 2010-2015 Tanisha L. Herrin


A Rainy Day


Rainy days remind me of

lost feelings and thoughts

that fall out of place and collect

themselves later on.

Related thoughts grow

into a puddle and with a splash in which

they make themselves visible.

But if you don’t act on them

or let them sit to long

they begin to dissipate or disappear

into a mind that is lost.

Wasted energy, wasted fuel

because the mind is mentally disfigured

it mistakes elements that should nurture

as elements acidic to the life line of the mind.


Poetry except from Nature with Human Nature: Poetry and Photography

© 2009 Tanisha L. Herrin

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