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  • Tanisha Herrin

Building Self-Worth: Live by Your Expectations Instead of Through Others

Live your life the way you want and not through expectations of others. Following an image of another can cause you to lose self-worth. Doing actions based on expectations of others can create a lifestyle you may regret later. People do this too often; few will make personal decisions on where they go to college, who they get into a relationship with or marry, and even how many children they have or where to raise them, all because they were living up to someone else’s expectations instead of their own.

Building self-worth includes standing up for yourself. Few are afraid to stand up to others fearing they will hurt or upset them. Standing up for what you believe shows respect for your self-worth. You are more likely to live a happier life following ambitions in line with personal expectations.

Avoid Letting Others Live Their Lives through You

The best way to do this is to stand up for want you want. It is your life and your time to experience growth that will better you. When assessing self-worth review decisions you have made in the past that made a big impact on where you are now. What have you learned when faced with choices requiring you to stand up for what you want? When you want to control your destiny and live a life of fulfillment think about the actions you need to do to make things happen. Don’t waste time or energy meeting expectations that are not yours. You may regret it while potentially holding yourself back from other opportunities to better your life.

Be Wary of People Who Regret Not Taking the Lead in Their Life

It is one thing to hear others encourage you to pursue goals because they didn’t have the chance to pursue their own for whatever reason. Some may express anger or distress because of choices they made. In some cases, they try to live out what they wanted for themselves through others. Even worse, they may try to derail you from pursuing what you want by offering poor advice or misleading information. They may not bother to tell you something necessary to help you make the same accomplishment.

Be Around Like-Minded People

To stay on track with your personal goals get with others who are working toward the same. People that value their self-worth are willing to help others achieve success. They are open to sharing experiences and their ambitions. It is likely such individuals are content with where they are in their life, but by following their intuitions and expectations. You may learn a few things from them, and they can learn from you too. Be around others that can mentor you instead of being around others who are miserable because they didn’t make things happen for themselves.

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