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  • Tanisha Herrin

Keepin’ It Real: You Are in Control of Your Life When You Are Doing These 6 Things

Maintaining control of your life includes doing a self-assessment to keep yourself in check. It is nice to have someone tell you you’re doing a good job, but assessing your actions help you stay on top of the situation. It is the best way to know for sure you are headed in the right direction when it comes to pursuing goals and advancing your life.

You see how well your interests and what you are passionate about fuel your actions while looking at other aspects that keep you thriving. Your taking care of yourself like you should, and you are making time for things that matter the most. If you are managing your life to the best of your ability and can honestly say you like where you are now it is likely you have mastered the following six points:

1. You practice discipline by making time for yourself.

When busy completing tasks and duties throughout the week you always make time for yourself. It can be difficult for many to do this in the beginning, but when valuing how your time is spent and the need to recharge, you make it a habit of enjoying some 'me' time. Doing so helps clear your mind and ease stress so you can stay focused and take on challenges. Time to yourself includes doing activities that make you feel good. You might have a day in the week reserved to pamper yourself or do something positive.

2. You achieve goals others didn’t think you could do.

You didn’t waste time executing your plans for goals others thought you were out of your mind for setting out to do. Sometimes people may not have faith in you, but completing such an accomplishment speaks volumes and shows how much you believe in yourself. Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said: “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” You can get things accomplished because of determination, drive, stamina, and the ability to keep pushing yourself when no one else would.

3. You set high standards for yourself and won’t settle for less.

Here is a scenario to give some perspective. When you are expecting company to visit, you want things perfect. You go out of your way to ensure your guests are comfortable and have a good experience. Now, you do the same thing but for yourself. People often do special things to accommodate others, but won’t bother giving themselves the same treatment. Having high expectations and sticking to them says you are worthy of the best there is and settling is not an option.

4. You can say ‘no’ firmly.

Sometimes you have to say no. Many people have a hard time telling others no, but you have mastered it when you can say it without regrets or feeling bad about the decision. You have no problem doing favors for people that are meaningful. You can say ‘no’ firmly to prevent being taken advantage of without guilt. It is a way to help maintain boundaries you establish. You can say ‘yes’ to things you want to do. It makes say ‘yes’ to things that matter to you the most even easier.

5. You’ve tried new things that led to new opportunities.

When you are open to doing new things you gain skills or discover a talent you didn’t realize was within you. People can be quick to pass on doing something because of fear. Doing something new is a great way to make things happen and get the ball rolling when considering personal goals. It helps you gain new interests, and you see other ways to improve and enhance your life. Doing something new can lead to meeting new people, getting invited to social events, and even negotiating deals. You never know how things can change for the better unless you try.

6. You have a better grip on life lessons through what you have learned.

Maybe you experienced a breaking point that helped you see something you didn’t see before. You walked into something that was an eye-opener. It has helped you see what you have been longing for and the path to it is easier to see. No matter the difficulties were thrown your way you worked through it and let things happen. You didn’t let yourself get frustrated or fight through the emotion. Instead, you took things head on not expecting to learn a valuable lesson in the end.

Each of the previous points mentioned is a badge of honor toward your self-worth. They are aspects of life you will continue to work on and get better. Even if you can say you have achieved a few things on the list, you are still on your way to gaining the control you want in your life. You got this so keep it movin’!

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