Depression Quotes: 37 Intriguing Thoughts for the Depressed Mind

Suicide and Depression: When It Seems Like Others Don’t Care

African Americans and Depression: Dealing with the Stigma

Five Ways to Manage and Cope with Severe Depression

What To Do When You Feel Hopeless

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Special note: The following content explores personal thoughts related to suicide. It is a personal assessment and reflection as it relates to a previous personal attempt. Thoughts of suicide are difficult to understand,,,

Antidepressants are drugs that help alleviate or reduce symptoms of depression by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals in the brain.

Blacks still ignore the fact that depression is a problem in our community. We can keep talking about the stigma, but it needs to turn into action.

There is a perception among African Americans that depression will go away on its own. We find it too easy to run away from the problem, but instead, we’re suppressing feelings and emotions by keeping them bottled up.

If a person you know is in distress and they are thinking about taking their own life or harming themselves in any way, would you know what to look for? People handle situations differently especially when their feelings and emotions are in a sensitive state.

Seasonal changes are something people look forward to, but for others, it may be something dreadful because it brings down their mood. It can be more than just mood changes but affect how they feel and view things around them.

Andrew Tate’s insensitive depression claim is mental health ignorance at its best. His recent comments about depression not being real should add to the list of things you don’t say to someone dealing with depression.

The subject of self-harm or self-injury can be difficult to talk about especially to someone who does it. People may associate the behavior with suicide, but it...

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